1. a genre of 90s and 2000s electronic music named for its popularity among new Dads
  2. Australia's hottest new gift shop for new, first time and expecting Dads

Dadtronica is a team of young Dad adjacents who between them have helped over one hundred thousand customers do everything from sleep better, to keeping them safe at live music events

Dadtronica came about out of frustration with Dad stereotypes. We believe there's far more to being a Dad these days than bad jokes, beer and barbecuing. Dadtronica is all about the new generation of Dads:

  • Dads that are active, involved, loving parents.
  • Dads who know how to take care of themselves; inside and out. 
  • Dads not afraid to look good.
  • Dads who are happy to concede that the revolution probably does at least partially begin in the kitchen. 

In short, we believe that Dads today are different, and so should the gifts you give them. So what are you waiting for?

Get down with Dadtronica and shop our lifechanging range of gifts today!